Lantronix offers comprehensive automotive solutions by integrating hardware and software components from various suppliers, ensuring quality, durability, and reliability. They embed WiPort wireless devices in traffic cameras for real-time data monitoring, promote centralized data analysis, enable systems to communicate seamlessly, and track vehicles efficiently. Lantronix technology is used in various applications, including digital signage, traffic control, mobile data acquisition, railway equipment, fleet management, and airport systems. A case study highlights how Lantronix helped the County of Los Angeles network-enable traffic light controllers for better traffic management.

Perle facilitates efficient data transfer for video surveillance devices in various industries, including transportation, by maintaining high security, reducing installation costs, and offering encryption solutions. They help in transmitting real-time traffic information to motorists through Variable Message Signs (VMS) and provide low-latency solutions for traffic management systems. A case study demonstrates Perle’s reliability in Ethernet-enabling traffic controllers and incorporating video surveillance technology in a metropolitan city’s Department of Transportation.



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