The banking and financial services sectors are rapidly evolving due to digital transformation, facing increased regulation and cybersecurity concerns. Lantronix addresses the critical role of data and communication networks in these institutions, offering secure, scalable IT solutions for out-of-band management. They present a case study where a German financial institution needed remote out-of-band management with a clear audit trail, and Lantronix’s SLC 8000 console manager solved these issues. The benefits included rapid deployment, centralized monitoring, secure access, and scalability.

Similarly, Perle offers technology for managing remote equipment in financial institutions, enabling efficient connectivity, diagnostics, and configuration. Their Console Servers and Fiber Media Converters ensure network stability and accessibility. In another case, a North American bank required LAN access for a critical reporting application in 90 branch offices with specific serial printers. Perle’s IOLAN DS1 single-port serial device server allowed network enablement of existing printers, avoiding costly replacements and standardizing operations across branches, ultimately improving their ROI.



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